Our Energy Saving Initiatives

Our Energy Saving Initiatives
June 3, 2020 Ivan Hong
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Caps and Closures Pty Ltd, based in Melbourne’s southeast at Dandenong South, is a winner of 2019 and 2020 WorldStar Packaging Awards for innovative packaging solutions. Its new products have reached the world stage, and we are not resting on our laurels. We are an Australian manufacturer with a vision and a mission to build on these achievements.

At Caps & Closures, we inspire to deliver exceptional solutions to not only our customers’ needs but the needs of the planet and its people. We offer our customers’ sustainable packaging solutions’ designed to reduce carbon footprint and environmental impact. Because Caps & Closures has at its heart a commitment to sustainability in its business operations, we are a proud signatory to the Australian Packaging Covenant (APCO), an organisation driving the thoughtful use of packaging materials in all supply chains.

Our passion as an Australian manufacturer includes a mission to develop innovative new closure solutions. To do this, we must be competitive in every area of the business, and this can be a complex challenge. We see a clear path for improved competitiveness by reducing non-renewable energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions and our impact on the environment.


Environmental Impact Reduction Plan

As a result, Caps & Closures has designed a program for a progressive reduction in energy consumption in our operations, and make a shift from fossil to renewable energy sources. The plan defines many actions toward our goal of minimal energy and greenhouse footprint, including replacing inefficient plant infrastructure and machines with low energy consumption units. These efforts significantly reduced consumption while increasing production capacity.


Low Energy Lighting

With the support of the Victorian Government’s greenhouse emissions reduction program, we have replaced inefficient incandescent and arc lighting in our plant and warehousing with highly efficient and reliable fluorescent and LED units for up to 80% reduction in lighting energy consumption.


Active Power Management

Recently, we installed an Australia-designed and built “Power Factor Correction” module (PFC). This module, produced by the Australian company Capacitor Technologies, operates between the grid and our production machines, delivering a 5% reduction in energy bills by optimising machine energy flow.

Figure 1 – PFC reduces energy charges (left- without PFC, right – with PFC) (ref: Captech.com.au)


Energy Efficient Machines

Production machine upgrades include the purchase of low energy consumption machines. Other upgrades this year include our purchase of a new high-efficiency cap seal punch and insertion machine, offering a 100% increase in productivity with lower energy consumption.


Renewable Energy

We are delighted to announce that in May 2020 Caps and Closures commissioned its industrial-sized 98.4kW rooftop solar farm. Cherry Energy designed and supplied the system which will generate 133 MWh of clean, renewable energy each year (LG Energy, 2020), powering our machines and eliminating 133 tonnes of CO2 emission annually (LG Energy, 2019).

Figure 3 – Caps and Closures 98.4kW Rooftop Solar Farm


In the summer season, our rooftop solar farm can supply up to 20% of the power needs of production, averaging 363kWh daily renewable energy generation on an annual basis.

To give you a handle on what has been accomplished, our rooftop solar system can power 24 Melbourne homes (CSIRO, 2013).

Caps & Closures makes over 75 million caps for our customers each year in our Dandenong South facility. The new rooftop solar farm, in combination with our program of energy-saving initiatives, will significantly improve our competitiveness as we continue in our mission to bring manufacturing home.