We have been designing and manufacturing award-winning innovative plastic packaging solutions for over 25 years.


Australian owned and operated.


Of facilities over two locations.


Customers locally and worldwide.

We are proud to be Australian owned and operated.

Kings Canyon, Petermann, Australia

A superior product comes from extensive industry experience and a motivated team of designers who think out of the box for the perfect design that works aesthetically, ergonomically and functionally. What sets us apart is that we emphasise our company’s mantra of sustaining the environment from materials that reduce the product’s carbon footprint, advanced anti-counterfeiting technology to designs that improve packaging efficiency.

“Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things.”
– Theodore Levitt

We are Global.

Caps & Closures maintains a global industry and research leaders network to ensure that our in-house design team is in tune with the packaging industry’s latest developments.

As the packaging industry moves into the future, our five pillars lead the way.


We are inspired by problem-solving to create innovative products.

Harbour Bridge, Sydney, Australia


We are excited by developing new products to solve client problems.

Lamington National Park, Canungra, Australia


We value honesty, relationships and trust within our industry.

Uluru, Petermann, Australia


We take pride in seizing opportunities to stay ahead of the curve.

Federation Square, Melbourne, Australia

Future Focussed

We are creating a strong legacy by focussing on a sustainable future.

Twelve Apostles, Australia

We are bringing a little of Australia’s culture and innovation to the world.