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Caps & Closures Pty Ltd is a leading Australian manufacturer of the most comprehensive range of standard and custom designed caps and closures. As well as providing injection moulding services and custom built dies, we are a ‘best practice’ organisation with a culture of innovative solutions and excellent service to open your opportunities.

Global Profile

Caps & Closures are now dealing with global markets in both product and technology, and this will ensure that our Australian customers can obtain the latest closure innovations available in the world today. We produce standard and custom designed mould bases for a comprehensive and continually growing range of applications for the following market sectors: Packaging, Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, Horticultural, Agricultural, Medical, Food and Beverage. The company has several points of difference, the most important being a total commitment to our customers and their desired outcomes.

We specialise in manufacturing, plastic closures, design innovation, injection moulding, custom dies, metal closures and packaging.

Packaging, Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, Horticultural, Agricultural, Medical, Food, Beverage and more

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What sets us apart


Total commitment for desired outcomes.

Caps & Closures takes its business relationships very seriously and fosters an environment of communication, respect and integrity. That simply means we deliver what we promise, we don’t compromise on quality, we deliver when we say we will deliver and we provide our products and services at a competitive price.

Dedicated client relationships.

Every customer is the focus of our attention and this is evidenced by our practical consultations, regular communications and commitment to manufacturing schedules. If a client has an urgent or special requirement, our team is flexible enough to be able to swing into action and act immediately.

We would love to meet you.

Innovations & Quality


Caps & Closures is an organisation that embraces World’s Best Practice initiatives through all of its operations. We work closely with key Australian and international suppliers specialising in new technology for caps, closures, die assemblies and regularly travel overseas to identify new products and processes. This ensures our customers have access to the most up-to-date solutions and that we remain at the forefront of the industry in Australia.

Technical know-how, as well as a flair for innovation, allows Caps & Closures to excel at meeting the increasingly sophisticated demands of this industry.

Caps & Closures continually invests in new facilities, equipment, and technology. As an example, the new wadding installation plant, which was entirely conceived and designed in-house, allows for high-quality wadding insertion at unprecedented output speeds.

For clients with special needs, we can assist in developing the finished product and the processes required to produce it.

Caps & Closures is committed to an on-going research and development program, constantly improving the quality and range of every product. This includes the development of new products that are ‘groundbreaking’ in this country.

We continuously work on developing ways to make our processes and products better, faster, more reliable and more cost-effective for our customers.

Our innovation initiatives are directly linked to delivering a superior and enhanced range of product options and unparalleled service experience for our customers.

Caps & Closures support the certification of its activities in accordance with the requirements of HACCP, which constitutes an excellent tool for helping to implement its key company goals.

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