Innovative Solutions That Will Help People Reduce Food Waste

Innovative Solutions That Will Help People Reduce Food Waste
April 18, 2019 Ivan Hong
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Food waste is becoming a growing concern amongst the general public. Manufacturers, as well as consumers, are taking steps to help reduce the amount of food they throw away. We’ve identified four innovations that are shaping the way the food will be stored and preserved in the future.


1. Dosing


Not understanding the necessary portion sizes is an easy way to create food waste. Devices that portion out food for us can help address this problem. Traditionally, dosing containers are seen in pharmaceutical products, but as consumers are becoming more health-conscious, we’ll start to see this in food and beverage products. Caps and Closures is currently working with a large honey producer to create exact dosing of Manuka Honey, a food product that can be considered medicinal. This will decrease the amount of honey wasted by allocating a specific amount that is dispensed.


2. Upside Down Squeeze Pack


Another cause of food waste is difficulty in controlling how much product we use. For example, traditional tomato sauce bottles were made of glass with a long orifice neck. When speed and quantity of dispensation can’t be controlled, it is easy to over or under-dispense a product. Our range of upside-down squeeze packs ensures the last drop is expelled, and the closure valves that can be inserted help to control dispensing. This will help not only reduce wastage, but the frustration consumers feel when they’re forced to throw away food because they’re unable to dispense the last of the product.


3. Sealing


The way an item is stored also greatly affects how long the item stays fresh. Whether in the fridge or in the pantry, exposure to oxygen is one of the main culprits of food decay. That is why investments in improved sealing and re-sealing technologies are important. Seabrook, a European brand of crisps, have responded to a long-awaited need for a way to easily re-seal a bag of potato chips.


4. Smart Technology


The move to linking closures with technology is well underway. Caps and Closures have collaborated with an American company that provides smartphone reminders to ensure patients take their medication on time, as directed. This trend is expected to make it into the mainstream food market with companies like Ovie creating re-sealable containers that indicate the freshness of food in real-time. This technology provides a visual reminder of the expiration, thereby helping consumers use food before it’s gone to waste. Other companies like Silo are offering easy, vacuum-sealing capabilities previously unavailable to the mass market that require no cumbersome equipment.


In Conclusion


Innovations like these not only aid in customer satisfaction but are also good for the environment and good for people. Get in contact with us to learn more about making the most of your food product.

Here are some other easy ways to help reduce food wastage:

  1. Make food that is thrown away into animal food.
  2. Shop smart
  3. Save leftovers
  4. Donate or reuse
  5. Check the fridge before you shop and buy only what you need
  6. Choose food with a long shelf life
  7. Keep an eye on what you toss most often, then buy smaller amounts of it.
  8. Put newly bought products in the back of the fridge so you will use the older food first.


As innovations in technology and manufacturing continue to develop economic effectiveness becomes more feasible to mass produce for the consumer. Innovation ultimately allows companies to deliver more effective, interesting and sustainable solutions for retailers, manufacturers and consumers alike.

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