Recapping a Golden Year

December 22, 2022

A message from Brendon Holmes, Managing Director

“As Managing Director of Caps & Closures, I look back on this year with a great deal of pride and gratitude. 2022 has been a ‘golden’ year for our company in many ways highlighted by receiving the overall Gold Winner award in Australasia’s most prestigious Packaging Innovation & Design Awards (PIDA), more of that later. Reflecting on 2022, I can’t remember a year in our industry that has seen so much technological advancement, innovation and change, exciting times!

Two things during the year stand out in my mind, one on a global scale, the other very close to home. Both have influenced our overarching design and innovation direction this year.

Firstly, the staggering amount of worldwide food wastage we regularly see on the nightly news presents a major global challenge for us all.

The second, was a conversation I had with my mother-in-law who was struggling to open a bottle of pills. She suffers from arthritis.

These two challenges became the inspiration and focus for us to show care for both the environment and our ageing population, by looking at how we currently did things and subsequently focus on designing even better products for the future.

This has been the driving force for Caps & Closures in 2022, and I want to acknowledge and thank my staff, our customers and suppliers, for their continued loyalty and support throughout the year.

We simply would not have had the year we’ve had without your continued efforts and support. We highly value all of our relationships and their contribution to our success as a business.”

Some Golden Moments During 2022

This is a small snapshot of highlights throughout 2022

  • We identified key issues and used our capabilities to make a real difference in areas like sustainability, global food waste, improving our circular economy, ageing population, and mobility, including maintaining continued supply during the pandemic.
  • We won four PIDA awards including overall gold winner for the PIDA 2022 awards.
  • We greatly expanded our design department by introducing new equipment and recruiting exceptional talents and fresh new ideas. The wealth of knowledge in product design and operations, culminating in some outstanding outcomes for both customers and the environment.
  • Our relentless pursuit of innovative technologies resulted in recyclable foil, recycled HDPE + PP, and new materials like paper-based and hemp-based plastics.

A Goldrush at PIDA 2022

Our PIDA awards were achieved through a passion for innovation in design and hard work from our team and reflect the support of all our staff, customers and suppliers.

  • Food Packaging Design of the Year Gold Winner (ThermoShield)
  • Save Food Packaging Design of the Year Gold Winner (ThermoShield)
  • Labelling & Decoration Design of the Year Gold Winner (IDShield)
  • Accessible & Inclusive Packaging Design of the Year Silver Winner (EzyGrip)
  • Overall Gold Winner of the PIDA 22 awards.

We look forward soon to the announcements of the WorldStar Winners 2023 on 9 January, where all three PIDA winning innovations, ThermoShield, IDShield and EzyGrip are entered. We are also currently preparing PIDA Award entry submissions for 2023.

Putting a spotlight on the environment

We strongly believe that a product is truly sustainable when it legitimately becomes part of the circular economy, and plastics are at the heart of this.
Here are two ways Caps & Closures products positively impacted the environment in 2022.

Oysterlean – a renewable oyster shell-based material currently used in bottle caps that reduces oil-based plastics. Through the use of Oysterlean in our products such as caps made for Swisse products, we are reducing the carbon footprint without impacting recyclability.

ThermoShield – we’re reducing the impact of food wastage through our unique colour-switching optical system, ThermoShield. Developed to be a crucial safeguard across the cold chain network, ThermoShield provides an effective and accountable solution for the primary cause of food waste.

Putting a spotlight on people

Equally important to the role our products play in environmental sustainability, is the way we can impact people’s lives for the better through design innovation. Here are three of our products that made a difference in 2022.

EzyGrip – an innovative design that improves the ease of operating caps for anyone with limited hand/wrist function. EzyGrip offers improved leverage reducing the force needed to operate the cap.

IDShield – designed to increase consumer confidence, and potentially replace the need for labels, IDShield is a holographic design integrated on a nanoscale, which offers multi-layered visual security that is impossible to copy.

BioShield – a safer product for people’s health and well-being, particularly during the pandemic, BioShield uses permanently active antimicrobial technology to eliminate or prevent the growth of bacteria and mould.

A Final Message from our MD

“As you can see, we have come a long way in 2022 and have been blessed with a year of Gold. We now look forward to 2023 and many wonderful years ahead, delivering the best in packaging and making a difference together. So once again thank you from everyone at Caps & Closures and we wish you all a safe and happy Christmas and a year ahead full of good health and prosperity.”

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ANZ Overall Winner for PIDA 22 and WorldStar 23