A bio-renewable and sustainable resin.

Oysterlean is a game-changing product derived by refining a readily available bio-marine waste material sourced from seashells that results in a bio-renewable resin capable of replacing oil-based plastics.

The market today faces one crucial question, how to reduce the environmental impact on plastics packaging and be more sustainable in the aspect of rising raw material cost?

Three prime areas of the packaging lifecycle demand our focus. All of them will have positive improvements to the sustainability of the packaging. Reuse, How can we extend the lifetime of a plastic packaging product? Recycle, how can we recover this valuable material? Lastly, Renew, how can we use less of the traditional non-renewable raw material?

Existing technologies are either far too expensive, incompatible with the general disposal waste stream for recovery of plastics or do not functionally perform from a technical or even environmental perspective.

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