A New Style of Cap with a Tap

Celebrating Australian Food and Agribusiness Innovations

A New Style of Cap with a Tap
October 9, 2019 Ivan Hong
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Source: Food Innovation Australia Ltd (FIAL)
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The Precise Pour takes a leap forward in the functionality of the simple tap, both for the consumer and the packer. It is simple to apply, intuitive to use, hard to damage and performs unlike any other tap on the market.

Celebrating Australian Food and Agribusiness Innovations - 4th Edition



Caps & Closures is a leading Australian manufacturer of an extensive range of standard and custom-designed caps and closures for products sold throughout the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and agriculture industries.

The concept for this innovation came from collaborations with a customer unsuccessfully looking for something unique. They were looking for a tap that was easy to use, and that could be applied to the bottle without affecting the transportation, or the existing functionality of the pack. The product had to be tamper-evident; pallet stackable and intuitive; and easy to use for the consumer.



The Caps & Closures team created a low-profile tap that could be applied using a traditional capping chuck, making it easy to apply for the filler. They also designed it so it could pour in any direction, meaning the bottle manufacturer did not need to be as precise with their bottle finish. They achieved this by positioning the pouring pout through the centre of the closure and placing put of the mechanism inside the bottle itself. After going through an iterative design process with more than 80 3D prints, the team created a concept that was market acceptable and could be patented. From there, initial tooling was created and ready for commercialisation.

The result was a tap with many benefits. From non-drip lips to anti-binding lug systems and anti-glug channel, this tap is unlike anything currently on the market. The product is sturdy and does not need any secondary assembly by the end-user. To use the tap, the customer just needs to twist it like a standard closure. The initial opening breaks the tamper-evident feature. The ability to turn the tap up to180-degree allows the control of the flow. This product is currently available in 38mm and 58mm finishes.

Precise Pour Awards 38mm 58mm



The Precise Pour is a new, innovative tap that has won both the Australian Packaging Innovation and Design Awards (PIDA) and the WPO (World Packaging Organisation) award for innovation.

Caps & Closures has provided its consumer with the ability to change from a system that required seven components and a hole drilled in the cube, to a tap that only has three parts and does not require any secondary assembly processes either in the filling, or use of the product.

It has allowed the business to reach into markets and export its products worldwide. It has received nothing but positive feedback from its customers and is continuing to develop new products.