Why Manufacturing Is the Garden for the Seeds of Creativity?

Why Manufacturing Is the Garden for the Seeds of Creativity?
January 13, 2021 Ivan Hong
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In the words of the ancient Greek philosopher Plato, “Necessity is the mother of invention”. In our present challenging times, resembling for many a Greek tragedy never has this been truer. Now’s the time for us all to sow the seeds of creative thinking across the manufacturing world.

$1.3 Billion reasons why

Recently the Australian Government announced it was pumping $1.3 billion in funding into manufacturing initiatives over the next four years. Specifically aimed at boosting collaboration, turning manufacturing ideas into products and supply chain solutions. The successful manufacturing modernisation program will be extended by a further $52.8 million, with the industry expected to spend $3 for every dollar the government invests. The scheme will fast-track technology upgrades and allow up to 150 local businesses to invest in ready-to-start projects. (Source: Matt Coughlan, AAP, Published: 01/10/2020)

(Source: Australian Government – Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources)

In doing so, supply chains will be invigorated, with local manufacturing participating in new areas where previously we relied on imports. Many of these ventures will be supported by international collaborations to access and improve on the most advanced product and process technology available.

Where innovation gains momentum

This rethinking of manufacturing and investment in collaboration is heartening to hear at Caps and Closures. Creating sustainable category redefining products in a spirit of partnership is at the heart of what we do. This is no cliché. We’re all about finding a better way, with a focus on product development and manufacturing partnerships.

Australian ingenuity and global opportunity

The possibilities we’ve helped create through innovative partnerships have been quite humbling. We have helped design and adapt products for unique customer needs that have been recognised at such events as the WorldStar and the Design Innovation of the Year Awards. This success is because, beyond leading the way in sustainable manufacturing, we’re also open to prototyping ideas and considering all sorts of collaborations with innovative partners.

Leading innovations

Here are a few examples from the Caps and Closures portfolio that may inspire some brave new manufacturing thinking.

1. Collaboration and origination

A Nulon and Caps and Closures collaboration was EZY-Squeeze™. This fluid transfer system replaces traditional rigid packaging with a flexible pouch and custom applicator, making accessing hard-to-reach fill points on a car quick and easy. Revolutionising the DIY market, EZY-Squeeze™ was globally recognised winning both 2020 WorldStar Awards, 2019 Packaging Innovation & Design of the Year Award and 2019 Australian Automotive Aftermarket Awards. Awards are one thing, but rewarding experiences for the customer are our goal in everything we develop.

2. A precision decision

Pouring liquids cleanly from larger containers had previously required great care or extra fittings like taps or funnels to prevent spillage. Enter Caps and Closure’s Precise Pour technology. Precise Pour’s ‘Continuous pour’ and ‘Anti-glug’ capabilities were two of the features of this 2018 winner of the Design and Innovation of the Year Award in the Domestic and Household Category. Precise Pour continues to win the 2019 WorldStar Awards the following year.

The Precise Pour technology by Caps and Closures continues to go from strength to strength. It has many advantages including continuous pour, anti-glug, low height for stacking bottles, options for different venting types, and it’s knock resistant. Brilliant in its simplicity, it easily replaces any tap that requires the customer to puncture the bottle or comes as an additional component cost. That’s free-flowing ongoing innovative thinking for you.

Never stopping innovating

Enhancing Seasol’s agriculture cap and spray applicator with a Start-Stop lever is another need -focused solution. This innovation lets customers use every drop of Seasol’s popular liquid fertilisers on the desired garden area with less splashback, while the garden tap is still open. That’s a lot less travelling to and from the garden tap while prepping your soil for the spring and summer harvest.

The challenge was to simply allow better flow control while improving the aesthetic appeal of the original sprayer. Before investing in new tooling, different designs were cost-effectively explored and confirmed using rapid-prototype 3D printing. Now a popular choice at Bunnings, this improved cap and fertiliser sprayer combination is also generating significant interest from international markets.

Let’s explore the next sustainable growth curve together

Creativity and tenacity go hand-in-hand. It’s not enough to stay ahead of the present curve. We all need to push harder to create new ones. With this in mind, we’ve recently introduced our ‘New Trend Workshops’. Tailored 45-minute interactive workshops that have been created to connect you with what is new in the worlds of consumer experiences, business strategy and emerging high-performance manufacturing trends. The sessions include a ‘Blue sky’ brainstorming workshop to create a sustainable future, not just the next new trend.

Places are limited, so reserve your session now.

Because necessity may inspire invention, but only creativity and commitment can really drive it to commercial success. Welcome to our brave new world.