Visualising temperature.

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Thermochromic materials change their colour with temperature change. This technology promises to play a massive part in any packaging where product quality is dependent on temperature.

The cool-chain and cold-chain food logistics industries rely on temperature control from farm to table. Smart packaging technology using ThermoShield can significantly improve produce quality in the storage, transport and sale phases to reduce food waste from spoilage.

The durability of health, wellness and beauty products is often sensitive to storage at high ambient temperatures. ThermoShield can help consumers keep your products in their optimum environmental conditions.

Typical applications are: perishable goods, cool and cold-chain logistics, food, pharma, health, wellness, beauty, paints & coatings.

ThermoShield caps indicate “It’s warm or cooler in here” by rapidly changing colour at a preset temperature built into the cap,

  • Temperature switch points between -20C and +70C, and a considerable colour transition range is available.
  • ThermoShield colour change can be reversible or non-reversible (i.e. once triggered, the colour change is permanent)
  • ThermoShield is BPA-free, phthalate-free.
  • ThermoShield doesn’t wear out in normal use.
  • Attract consumers to your brand using Thermochromic technology because your packaging virtually talks to the user.

The Selection Process

1. Choose your application.
Select closure type, size and usage (e.g. food, pharma, cool-chain, cold-chain, etc).

2. Specify trigger temperature.
At what temperature should the transition be triggered and what level of accuracy is required (e.g. 10˚C +/- 5˚C).

3. Specify desired colour transitions.
Please refer to the chart below as a guide. You can choose between reversible (ideal for most applications) and non-reversible colour change (more specialised). Standard colour change options are shown in the chart and if you need help, we can advise you on the best colour combinations.

4. Specify volume estimates.
What is your estimated volume? We are happy to quote on formulations to suit your requirements and low volumes of 2,000pcs/carton is possible.

Colour Reference Chart

When the temperature is higher than the assigned theromochromic temperature (left), the thermochromic colour will transit into it’s original colour will be shown (right). This colour guide only serve as a reference and not the final outcome.

Before Heating
After Heating

Smart packaging you can see.

Learn more about how ThermoShield can improve the quality of temperature dependent products and how you can start integrating it into your product from our innovative team.