Reflecting on a Year of Innovation and Success 2023

December 11, 2023

As we bid farewell to 2023, Caps & Closures reflects on a transformative journey marked by innovation, sustainability, and resounding success. Join us in revisiting the pivotal moments that have defined this exceptional year.

Our unwavering commitment to sustainability has been a driving force throughout the year. In response to the key issues identified over the pandemic and current global trends, we continued to utilise our capabilities to make a real difference. They are critical areas such as sustainability, global food waste, improving our circular economy, addressing challenges posed by the ageing population, and enhancing mobility. Our dedication to maintaining a continued supply during the post-pandemic, global inflation and instability, underscores our resilience and commitment to serving our customers, even in challenging times.

Thought Leadership at AWRE 2023

A highlight of the year was our active participation as guest speakers at the AWRE 2023 (Australian Waste & Recycling Expo). Here, Caps & Closures advocated for sustainability, sharing insights and strategies with industry leaders. Our presence underscored our commitment to shaping a greener future and contributing to the evolution of waste management practices for a sustainable tomorrow.

Featuring Brendon Holmes as a guest speaker at the AWRE

Global Recognition with WorldStar and PIDA Awards

The accolades received in 2023 are a testament to our dedication to excellence. Caps & Closures secured six WorldStar awards, including two esteemed Special Awards, and two Bronze awards at the PIDA 2023 awards. We have not only set new standards but also positioned ourselves as leaders in the global packaging arena. These awards recognise the creativity and effectiveness embedded in every product that bears our name.

It was a proud moment for Australia to win numerous global awards at the 2023 WorldStar Awards held at Düsseldorf, Germany.

Expanding Creative Horizons

Investing in our creative capabilities, we have significantly expanded our design department in 2023. Introducing new equipment and recruiting exceptional talent infused our team with fresh ideas. The synergy of knowledge in product design and operations resulted in outstanding outcomes for our customers and the environment. This expansion marks a strategic move to elevate our design capabilities further and deliver innovative solutions.

Technological Innovations in Materials

Our relentless pursuit of innovative technologies yielded groundbreaking results. In 2023, Caps & Closures continued pushing recyclable foil, recycled HDPE + PP and explored new materials such as hemp-based plastics. These developments reflect our commitment to sustainability and showcase our capability to push the boundaries of what’s possible in materials science.

Sustainable Partnership and BioShield Technology

Collaborating with Thankyou, Caps & Closures designed a sustainable refilling system for products like deodorant, personal and cleaning solutions. This innovative solution features 100% post-consumer recycled plastics and incorporates our BioShield technology. This partnership exemplifies our commitment to responsible packaging. It showcases the tangible impact of our sustainable practices on product design and functionality.

Revolutionizing Packaging Sustainability for Carton Packaging

In anticipation of the EU’s July 2024 regulations, Caps & Closures unveils the 23TCC, a cutting-edge tethered closure for carton packaging. Designed for swift integration and featuring a tamper-evident band, this solution aligns with the impending Single-Use Plastic Directive and sets a new standard for recyclability. The streamlined three-piece design not only simplifies recycling processes but also positions Caps & Closures as a leader in sustainability, aiming for global impact with a targeted approach to the Australian market.


A Final Message from our MD

“As we close another remarkable chapter in 2023, I’m thrilled to share the outstanding results achieved by the Caps & Closures team. This year’s success is a testament to our ongoing commitment to innovation and sustainability, driven by the invaluable inspiration we draw from you, our esteemed customers.

Our continuous pursuit of excellence is evident in the enhancements to our manufacturing processes and product development. These improvements not only align with global packaging targets but also empower us to cater to the needs of our local and international customers with unprecedented efficiency and lead times.

Some noteworthy developments include the introduction of an innovative dispensing system, notably the recyclable valve, contributing to our sustainability efforts. The launch of the new baby formula closure, featuring a hermetically sealed scoop, and the upcoming dosing system for the beverage industry in early 2024 underscore our dedication to food safety, security, and cutting-edge solutions.

Here are some of our key achievements this year:

  • Additional electric moulding machines
  • PCR supply in HDPE and pending PP (Food Grade)
  • 100% recyclable valve for our flip-top closures
  • Tethered Carton Cap, a new standard for carton packaging closures’ recyclability.
  • New baby formula closure with a hermetically sealed scoop
  • EzySpray Boost Trigger and the EzySpray Range
  • Non-Carbon Black Material (quality Black colour – no tinges as previously)
  • Vented Wad and vented Foil (63, 83, 95)

In our journey towards Packaging Sustainability, Caps & Closures has reached new milestones, achieving an impressive overall APCO benchmark score of 75%. This surpasses the industry average of 62%. As we look ahead to 2024, our focus remains on problematic materials and on-site waste. Our design and engineering team is dedicated to implementing methods that minimise environmental impacts while ensuring the functionality and safety of our closures. This includes the introduction of cutting-edge technologies like our PP recyclable valve, which simplifies the recycling process by eliminating the need for separate disposal.

Our commitment to consumer safety remains unwavering, exemplified by our new snap-on baby formula cap. This innovative solution provides enhanced protection and securely stores the scoop in the inner lid for added convenience.

At Caps & Closures, we are grateful for your continued support and collaboration. As we celebrate our achievements, we look forward to a future filled with even more groundbreaking solutions contributing to a sustainable and responsible world. ”

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