Additives that enrich plastic materials

Stockton Sand Dunes, Salt Ash, Australia

Reduce Bacteria by up to 99.99%
A scientifically proven antimicrobial additive for plastics that introduces active ingredients, such as silver, is formulated into a masterbatch pellet used in the manufacturing process for your end product.

100% Biodegradable, 100% Recyclable
An organic additive that causes plastic to fully biodegrade through a series of aerobic or anaerobic processes in a landfill disposal environment, speeding up the traditionally slow biodegrading process significantly.

Reduce Carbon Footprint by up to 20%
A game-changing product derived by refining readily available bio-marine waste sourced from seashells that results in a bio-renewable resin capable of replacing oil-based plastics.

Visualising Temperature
Thermochromic materials change their colour with temperature change. This technology promises to play a massive part in any packaging where product quality is dependent on temperature.

Holographic Protection
IDShield is an advanced holographic image moulded into your product that can be customised to your brand image and security requirements integrated on a nanoscale combating counterfeits.