Holographic protection.

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Combat counterfeiting with secure brand authentication.

Your brand may be under attack by counterfeiters. These enterprising competitors can easily copy all aspects of conventional product packaging. They can be so convincing that consumers often have difficulty spotting fake products. When they experience the poor performance of the copy, it damages your brand and reputation. Your brand alone suffers all these losses. IDShield can help you create an obvious differentiator with multiple levels of security and differentiate you from your competitors. IDShield enables you to access new markets confidently.

What is IDShield™?

IDShield is an advanced holographic image moulded into your product that can be customised to your brand image and security requirements. The holographic design is integrated on a nanoscale, resulting in multi-layered visual security that is impossible to copy. With IDShield, we help protect your brand by combating counterfeits, enhancing your product image with instant authentication by your consumers.

Zero Additive, 100% Food Safe.

IDShield integrates on a nanoscale directly onto the surface of your product with no additional additive required, retaining 100% material purity. Like the structure of a complex computer chip, IDShield processed surface reflects light in different angles resulting in a holographic image. This process does not comprise your product’s integrity nor affect the food contact certification of the material.

Limitless design, in-house precision.

Here at Caps & Closures, we provide design services that complement a range of protective feature sets. IDShield is a simple process for a counterfeit-resistant, impactful and secure product. Let our in-house precision toolmaker and our expert team streamline your brand security needs with your packaging requirements.

Secure your brand.

Learn more about how IDShield can improve your brand recognition, deter counterfeiters and how you can start integrating it into your product.