Five Times Finalist in the 2023 PIDA Awards

March 1, 2023

Caps & Closures is proud to announce that we have been selected as a finalist in five categories for the 2023 Australasian Packaging Innovation and Design Awards (PIDA)! Our two innovative products, BioShield and Oysterlean, have been recognised for their excellence in design and function. We are delighted to be among the finalists and thank the AIP and the PIDA committee for their nomination.

Our goal is to make a positive impact with the packaging that we design. We strive to be the providers of options that will help companies meet the 2025 National Packaging Targets. Oysterlean is a popular renewable innovation that can reduce a product’s carbon footprint. At the same time, BioShield has the potential to improve the safety of FMCG goods.

At Caps & Closures, we are incredibly humbled by this recognition and impact on the packaging industry. We have consistently pushed the boundaries of innovation, always striving for excellence in everything we do.

From our eco-friendly packaging solutions to our revolutionary design concepts, we are proud to be at the forefront of the packaging industry. Our commitment to sustainability has earned us numerous awards and accolades, and we look forward to the upcoming PIDA awards with great anticipation.

We understand the importance of making a difference in the world, and we are confident that our packaging innovations can do just that. Our team is dedicated to providing products and services to improve the environment and create a better world for all. We are proud to be part of an industry committed to making a difference.

Learn more about BioShield and Oysterlean. You can see the full list of finalists here.

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