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  • ezysqueeze casestudy

    Nulon EZY-SQUEEZE™

    Nulon EZY-SQUEEZE™ is a revolutionary new fluid delivery system for all automatic transmissions, manual gearboxes and differentials.

  • Precise Pour

    With the award-winning Precise Pour, we’ve designed a new anti-glug with a variable-flow pouring solution suitable for a range of container sizes, applied using traditional capping methods.

  • Seasol Spray Applicator

    Enhancing Seasol's current agriculture spray applicator, the team's innovation allows water flow control, improved aesthetics while adding strength.

  • Sensocap®

    Sensocap is the perfect One-Step-Opening closure for sealed packages. Sensocap fulfils the highest requirements for barrier properties and safety.

  • The Brush Cap

    Brush Cap is an award-winning solution developed for Coles BBQ sauce products. Coles needed a simple way to baste meats and vegetables, by applying a marinade to the food, even when cooking over the BBQ.