• Sep022020

    4 Innovations That Will Drive Hygienic Packaging

    The threat of the COVID-19 pandemic has rapidly thrust health and safety to the forefront of the public conscience. The virus’s rapid transmission through airborne germs, personal contact, and particularly ‘hotspots’ of infection that it generates has reminded us how vital practising proper hygiene is to not only our health but the health of our economy. For consumers to feel safe while undertaking everyday activities like grocery shopping, additional measures must be put in place – and this is where hygienic packaging will be essential.

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  • Aug052020
    Covid-19 Update (Coronavirus): Stage 4 Restrictions

    COVID-19 Update: Stage 4 Restrictions

    As the COVID‑19 pandemic continues to impact the country, with increased infections in Victoria, the State government has declared a state of disaster and implemented Stage 4 Restrictions effective Sunday 2 August, for at least six weeks, ending on the 16 September. These necessary restrictions are impacting all aspects of our daily lives, but they need to be complied with to get us through. Let’s do this together!

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  • Jul232020
    Woman pushing supermarket cart during COVID-19

    How Covid-19 Will Change the Future of Packaging Forever

    The COVID-19 pandemic has shaken the world to its core, uprooting our economy and disrupting our daily lives in a way we probably didn’t consider possible. One of the most commonly used terms to describe this period has been ‘unprecedented’ – but in the world of plastics and packaging, there is still so much change to come. The last few months have totally shifted the perception of packaging and its role within society, and in turn, drastically altered its future. As one of the industries that will emerge with stronger public awareness of the importance of our offering, it is vital that we react to this increased attention by continuing to innovate and work towards lasting solutions.

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  • Jun032020

    Our Energy Saving Initiatives

    Caps & Closures has designed a program for a progressive reduction in energy consumption in our operations, and make a shift from fossil to renewable energy sources. The plan defines many actions toward our goal of minimal energy and greenhouse footprint, including replacing inefficient plant infrastructure and machines with low energy consumption units. These efforts significantly reduced consumption while increasing production capacity.

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  • Apr282020

    Australian Packaging Converters Step Up to Meet Shortages

    Amid the COVID-19 crisis, as the government calls on industry to make products in short supply, manufacturers are turning to local packaging companies for help. PKN spoke to Caps & Closures about our response to the crisis and the growing need for Australia’s self-sufficiency, especially when it comes to the supply of essential items for public safety.

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