The Brush Cap

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Caps & Closures (C&C) was approached by Coles’s Product Development team, who were looking for a simple way of applying a marinade to chicken and meat products during the barbeque process. The concept was to create a quality barbeque basting brush for Coles’ Grill Basting Sauce range. The brush had to be part of the sauce bottle and be able to be applied neatly and safely over a hot BBQ, a key challenge when the bottle is plastic. C&C’s Technical Design team had a short timeline to deliver a solution and their approach was to take each constraint individually and work with it.


C&C identified seven existing basting brushes in the marketplace and rigorously tested these against the required specification for the new product. The correct brush head was vital, as it needed to be able to withstand high heat. Silicone was chosen due to its versatility in moulding, hygienic quality and temperature resistance. The other unique advantage of silicone was the ability to hold itself to the closure and yet be removed for cleaning by the consumer. By using existing closure technology and adapting the features to its client’s need, C&C was able to deliver a unique product in under four months, with applications beyond the initial brief – The Brush Cap.

Sauce Container
With Basting Applicator

brush cap exploded view
brush cap instructions
brush cap concept


The development of this novel packaging solution has had a significant impact on Caps & Closures business, resulting in new opportunities to develop innovative solutions for other customers. It has also led to potential export opportunities, with discussions underway to introduce the brush cap to interested parties in Europe, Asia and America.

The design won Caps & Closures a Gold award at the 2014 Australian Packaging Design Awards in the Innovation category, Silver award in the Consumer Experience & Emerging Technology category, and Bronze award in the Food category.


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