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Sensocap® is the perfect One-Step-Opening closure for sealed packages. Sensocap® fulfils the highest requirements for barrier properties and safety.

How is it normally done before Sensocap®?

Before Sensocap®, the negative thing about conventional closures is that the simple One-Step-Opening of conventional aluminium sealed packages wasn’t available until now. The consumer considers the supplementary manual peeling of the aluminium foil as very annoying. Adults but especially children suffer from this extra effort.

Traditional method of opening sealed aluminium packages

The Sensocap® solution.

The specially designed vanes separate the aluminium foil during the first opening of the package. A clearly audible peeling sound proves the tamper evidence on the first opening. The peeling of the aluminium foil is complete and without traces. The foil is kept securely in the cap and is used as lining for the reclosure.
One Step Opening Closure

Sensocap Cap Spec
  1. Aluminium Foil
    When originally closed the perfect security and barrier. After the first opening, the aluminium hidden in the cap.
  2. Screw Cap
    Available in standard dimensions (38mm) or all other special sizes.
  3. Separating vanes
    Flawless removal of the aluminium foil from the package on the first opening. Then the foil is kept safely in the screwcap.
  4. Thread
    Adapted to the needs of the package, the free sections provide space for the separating vanes.

What is the benefit of Sensocap®


For your product?

Prevention of oxidation, humidity and germs
By its thermic or inductive sealing, Sensocap® protects the content of the package from external influences. The highest requirements for barrier properties, safety and thus for aseptic use are fulfilled.

Longer shelf life – minimized quality loss
The higher barrier property of Sensocap® compared to conventional closures without aluminium provides economical and logistical benefit to the manufacturer, because the shelf life of the product can be extended without quality loss.

Aroma tight and non-leaking
Thanks to Sensocap® the flavours and additives are kept in the product during transport and storage. While consuming it recloses without spillage.

Technically and economically favourable
Sensocap® can be applied with conventional capping devices onto already hermetically closed packages outside the hygienic zones. Also, the adaption to induction sealing is possible.

Reliable, proven and successful
Numerous well-known customers use Sensocap® for their products. The partners of development and the suppliers are well-respected and leading companies.


For your final customers

Tamper evident
Sensocap® doesn’t allow an unnoticed opening of the package. A clearly audible peeling sound indicates the first opening of the package. Supplementary the classical tamper evident ring can be applied as well.

Sensocap® allows the consumer to enjoy the comfort of a simple One-Step-Opening. The annoying peeling of the lid on sealed packages – now it is history.

Longer shelf life – minimized quality loss
Outstanding barrier properties of the aluminium lid provide products with longer shelf life and minimized quality loss to the final customer.


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