Seasol Spray Applicator

Innovation & Quality

Brand new design with vast improvements which is now on the shelves in Bunnings. The Seasol Spray Applicator was voted a finalist at the PIDA awards 2018 as well as generated headwaves on international markets.


Update the current agricultural spray applicator to look more modern while adding an on / off functionality. This is to enhance the modern and premium look that Seasol were after. They wanted their customers to be able to use every drop of the fertiliser on the desired area and have a cleaner user experience. While they did not want to add too much complexity to the product.


Add one part which is a flip-up tab which had a wedge seal style connection with the hose. This allowed for shutoff of the water while also blocking the breather and vacuum holes into the bottle. We also changed the aesthetics so that it was a smooth wall with different shapes which add appeal and modernise the product while also adding strength.

Concept development went through ideation and different concepts were used and often tested through 3D printing. The concept was also changed to allow for tooling. The writing was added to help the customer use the product with different options provided.

Before / After

We introduced the START-STOP lever to improve usability while the tap is still open.


New tooling was created to do the new design which is now on the shelves in Bunnings Warehouse store. This improved spray applicator has generated a large number of interests from international markets, and it was a finalist at the PIDA awards 2018 second to our winning entry in the same category, the Precise Pour.

2018 PIDA Award Finalist


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