Easier, quicker, less waste, no pumps required.

Nulon, in collaboration with Caps and Closures, is making DIY easy again with EZY-SQUEEZE, a revolutionary new fluid delivery system for all automatic transmissions, manual gearboxes and differentials.

A Necessary Innovation

The brief from Nulon was to design a method of transferring oil from the pouch to a gearbox/diff which is often hard to reach and to do this in a clean way. They also wanted some way for the user to introduce a 90-degree bend in the tube to assist in getting into the correct position. The product needed to be able to be attached to a flexible pouch and withstand the forces put on it by mechanics and the home enthusiast.

With the only examples found within the food industry, where a spoon-like device is attached to a bag, there is nothing in the automotive industry that is anything like this. A product that is not only easy to use and minimises wastage on its packaging as well as the content.

The team came up with many concepts, placing it through iterations of prototyping and rigorous testing. The challenge with this design is to meet all the requirements from a user experience, manufacturing process, marketing and filler, which are often in conflict with one another.

The Solution

The solution, Ezy-Squeeze™, is a fluid transfer system which replaces the traditional rigid packaging with a flexible pouch and applicator that has made accessing hard-to-reach fill points on a car quick and easy.

The Ezy-Squeeze™ is made up of a three-part attachment to go with the flexible pouch. These three components are a bracket which nicely holds the tube around the edge of the bag so as to allow maximum marketing area and easily attaches to the spout of the bag.

Ezy-Squeeze Explode

The bracket is designed as part of the nozzle that holds an extension tube for clean and easy dispensing. A clear PVC tube will indicate the cleanliness of the product and has the flexibility to bend at 90 degrees without kinking. An additional design element is to have it fit over attachments to a gearbox and have a larger inner diameter than the exit hole of the pouch so that it does not restrict the outward flow. The plug was introduced as a secure connection between the pouch and the tube during the use of the product.

The Ezy-Squeeze™ allows the user to easily complete a task by himself rather than a mechanic using speciality tools and equipment. The squeeze action removes the need for a pump or a syringe. Through smart innovative design and applying a packing format in a new environment, it has allowed the car enthusiast to do something new.


2019 Australian Automotive Aftermarket Awards

Nulon is celebrating success having captured three major awards at the recent 2019 Australian Automotive Aftermarket Awards (AAAA).

Nulon captured two awards for the all-new Ezy-Squeeze™ product range, a clear recognition of the innovative consumer-focused solution that Ezy-Squeeze™ brings to the automotive aftermarket category. Seen by many in the industry as a “Game-Changer”, Ezy-Squeeze™ offers both the DIY market and mechanical workshops alike with a complete solution to servicing driveline fluids due to the benefits the flexible packaging, patent pending applicator and Filler-Tool system offers.

  1. Most Innovative New Aftermarket Product (Chemical)
  2. Most Innovative New Packaging

These awards recognise innovation in the category, value to the customer and value to the organisation.

Feedback from the Australian Automotive Aftermarket Expo, where the awards were held, indicated that the product proposition of ‘Easier, Quicker, Less Waste and No Pumps required’ resonated strongly with consumers and the trade.

2019 Packaging Innovation & Design of the Year Award

The Gold Winner is awarded to Nulon Products Australia & Caps and Closures for the Nulon EZY-SQUEEZE fluid transfer system which replaces the traditional rigid packaging with a flexible pouch and applicator that has made accessing hard-to-reach fill points on a car quick and easy.


2019 PIDA Awards Winner  Nulon EZY-SQUEEZE™ Website