An integrated solution for antimicrobial defence.

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BioShield™ is an antimicrobial additive for plastics. Powered by “active ingredients”, such as silver ion technology, it is formulated for use in the injection moulding process that creates your product.

BioShield™ is scientifically proven to provide long-lasting and effective protection against harmful bacteria, mould, fungi and a range of viruses, minimising the risk of staining, foul odours and material degradation. Once infused into your plastic, our silver ion antimicrobial additives will not leech from the surface, cause discolouration or affect the plastic’s clarity. Your BioShield™ protected product surfaces will:

Reduce bacteria by up to 99.99%

Even antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria such as MRSA, VRE and CRE cannot survive on BioShield™ protected products.

Reduce cross-contamination, increase shelf life

A cleaner product means fewer microbes to transfer, ultimately reducing cross-contamination potential, resulting in fresher and longer product life. Reduced potential for staining and unpleasant odours is an additional benefit from BioShield™.

Extended functional lifetime

Added during manufacturing, BioShield™ does not wear out or wash off, making it safe to use in a variety of products that benefit from surface protection against microbes.

Effective against mould and viruses

BioShield™ resists the growth of all types of mould, including unsightly and unpleasant Aspergillus Niger.

Disclaimer: BioShield™ technology does not protect users or others against disease-causing microbes. This technology is not a substitute for good hygiene and cleaning practices.

How does BioShield™ work?

BioShield™ is introduced during the manufacturing process and becomes part of the product. It works continuously 24 hours a day, the product’s surface acting against any contaminating microbes in contact with it, causing them to diminish.

Sample bacteria activity in 2 hours (Left-half: Untreated / Right-half: BioShield™)

Protect against microbes.

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